Dellicous and Affordable local"Hida"beef MANPUKU-TEI

It is "Hida beef. " of high grade ingredients to want you to eat once by all means when the high mountain is visited.
"[Manpuku-tei]" is the especially value anyway though there are a lot of Hida beef restaurants in the city. Even if it is cheap, the worry of the taste is useless.
Please stop by all means when you come to the high mountain.

"Hida"beef steak combo
steak combo 3,200 yen
"Hida"beef hamburger
1piece 650 yen
set drink 750 yen
2piece 1,200 yen

"Hida"beef BBQ combo
BBQ combo 1,700 yen
"Hida"beef bowl
"Hida"beef bowl
(S) 600 yen
(M) 800 yen
(L) 1,200 yen

manpuku-tei access map